What Are The Hidden Costs In Car Crashes?

Impaired drivers are dangerous for everyone in and around the roadway, not just those riding in regular passenger vehicles. Also at risk are motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians anywhere near the roadway. Most people only think of medical costs when it comes to accidents. Yes, these can be tremendous, but there are also hidden costs thatContinue reading “What Are The Hidden Costs In Car Crashes?”

9 Common Medical Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Life

While you know there are risks associated with any medical procedure, you should never have to worry about a medical professional’s negligence causing you or a loved one harm. The deaths are only part of the picture. Millions of patients suffer from medical mistakes each year and are left dealing with financial and emotional devastationContinue reading “9 Common Medical Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Life”

What Kind Of Settlement Can You Get From A Car Accident Lawsuit?

In Pennsylvania, there are two civil claims that are frequently brought against a defendant who was at fault for the death of a person: wrongful death claim and survivor action.  While car accident cases are very difficult and emotional, successful outcomes often bring much-needed closure and financial recovery for victims and their family members. IfContinue reading “What Kind Of Settlement Can You Get From A Car Accident Lawsuit?”

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